The Goddess Within: Womyn's Spiritual Studies is for women, aged 18 years or older, who wish to learn the old ways of pagan tradition & Goddess spirituality.

Online courses also offered for personal health & wellness, please see Course Descriptions for a full list of topics.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every spiritual path provides its seekers with divine guidance, that we meet the Divine where we are on our journey, and that no path is above another.

We also believe that, as individuals, we have the divine spark within and it is through this spark that we find our relationship with the divine as we understand it. This entails that every human being has the right and the privilege to find their own way of relating to the divine.

The Goddess and Her teachings are emphasized because She has touched us and manifested Herself in our lives. We believe that She has made, and will continue to make, a difference in the lives of women who seek Her. The relationship to the feminine divine, the Goddess, Her manifestation within, can help women to become empowered again.

"The Goddess Within" is dedicated to all my students, the wonderful Goddess women 

who have made a tremendous difference in my life and my spiritual mentor, Freya. 

I am forever grateful for their love, friendship, support and guidance.